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Taste is a crucial factor that determines the palatability of oral dosage form and patient compliance. It also gives a unique identity to a product and thereby provides a competitive advantage to a company, especially in the case of over-the-counter products.

An appropriate taste masking technique can impact both product quality and process effectiveness. Following are various taste masking techniques that are being used at GPT Pharma, to taste mask bitter Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):

  • Sweetener, flavorant, and other excipient addition. This is one of the simplest techniques used in taste masking. Excipients such as sweeteners and flavorants can be added to taste mask bitter API.
  • Coating is one of the best methods of taste masking. It can involve coating of a tablet containing bitter API or coating of the bitter API particles themselves. Ideally, the polymers selected in coating should be such that they prevent API release in oral cavity and allow its release in the absorption window of the API.
  • Especially useful for Pediatric applications.